We in the atmosphere

Hey my fellow artists and lovers of the arts. I am thrilled to have this platform. I have loved music since a young girl. I been singing since then as well. It all started with "kingdom hall" songs. Well I auditioned for several shows on several platforms. Anyone who has also auditioned for these "national" shows knows the wait is All day and they have you sign a "disclosure". I am a reader so I read the lengthy page. only to discover words such as "in perpetuity...all likeness of..images of...even if not accepted to show..." Woah is there some truth to the rumors of people selling their "souls" for fame or a record deal? I mean to sign over rights in perpetuity is pretty steep...it basically means : For eternity....Oh Hell No. I knew there had to be a different way to achieve Micheal Jackson type of recognition without giving that much control to another.
Boom came the age of independent artists ERA. However there is a reason why RECORD LABELS still exist. There is power in numbers...but who has the power? The execs? The Artists?
Well here is F1st Music Group born of an artist to serve artist and level the power where as EVERYONE WINS...the artists, the company and most importantly the fans.
I am excited about this company. I see amazing things happening for this company. We are here to serve and establish an entire new STATUS QUO.